BSA Troop 21


1920 Unofficial General Boy Scout Encampment at Lake Junaluska



          On June 20, 1920, Americus Troop 1 (the second reincarnation of what is now Troop 21) left for a trip of two weeks duration to attend an unofficial general Boy Scout encampment at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. The trip was lead by Reverend Silas Johnson. George Walker went on the trip to assist Reverend Johnson. The trip was made by truck rather than train so that side trips could be made for sight seeing. The fourteen scouts who went were: John Sheffield, Carl Humber, George Ellis, Sam Lott, Benjamin McMath, Walter Stapleton, Sr., G. W. Harris, Charles Glover, Edwin Gammage, Robert Buchanan, Walter Reeves, James Furlow, and Minor Walker. The entire group returned safe after a great trip on July 3. Since the photo contains more that sixteen people, it must have scouts from other groups. Seated barefoot to the extreme left is Walter Stapleton, Sr., and in the center foreground is Charles Glover. The importance of the event is shown by the fact that Daniel Beard, one of the founders of Scouting, is on the back row wearing the scout campaign hat.



Same photograph with faces enlarged.



Same photograph in its original paper frame.

(smaller than actual size)



(Photo is the property of Walter Stapleton, Jr.  Used here by permission)




June 20, 1920

July 4, 1920


(From the Americus Times-Recorder.  Used with permission.)