BSA Troop 21


Bob Arthur Eagle Scout 1(b)



In researching The History of Chehaw Council, I found that Bob Arthur of Troop 21 received his Eagle rank at the same Court of Honor, as did Frank Easterlin.  Frank is listed as the first Troop 21 Eagle Scout.  No mention of Bob Arthur is made in any list of Troop 21 Eagle Scouts. 


Below are the two newspaper articles about the Court of Honor.  Both list Bob Arthur but neither lists his troop.  Arthur was listed as a member of Troop 3 at its re-registration in February, 1938.   However, he must have transferred to Troop 1 prior to earning his Eagle. 


In a November 30, 1939, article he is listed as the Scribe for T21.  Also, the summary of advancements for 1939 lists Troop 21 with 2 Eagles and Troop 3 with 2 Eagles.  Since we know the two Troop 3 Eagles and that Easterlin was a Troop 1 Eagle, Arthur must have been a member of Troop 1 when he earned his Eagle.  Most significant is that the official BSA/Chehaw Council records show Bob Arthur with the same Eagle date as Easterlin and it specially lists Bob Arthur as a member of T21.  The entry is as follows:



Bob Arthur




Troop 21

Americus GA


The entry for Frank Easterlin has the exact same council number, date, and troop number.


The only reason I can see that he was omitted from the list is that the photo of Charlie Hogg and the seven Eagle Scouts does not include him.  However, that photo was taken in 1943 and does NOT state that it is of the “first” seven Eagle Scouts.  Bob Arthur disappears from the Troop 21 newspaper articles in 1940.  Most likely, his family moved or he went away to college.  But, either way he was not available for the 1943 photo.


After discussions with many of the adults involved in Troop 21,  we have decided to add Bob Arthur to the list of Eagle Scouts.  Easterlin will be designated as Eagle Scout 1(a) and Arthur will be designated as Eagle Scout 1(b).  Since Arthur and Easterlin received their Eagle rank on the same date neither can be put ahead of the other.  Also, over 180 Eagle Scouts have already been assigned a number which is engraved on the plaques at the scout hut.