BSA Troop 21


Motorcycle Museum in North Carolina

               Troop 21 had its annual yard sale fund raiser the in March, 2014. While pricing some of the items we noticed a pair of old die cast Harley Davidson toys that got put out for sale.  We sent pictures of them to a guy that has a motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  Once he saw them he immediately wanted us to bring the scouts up there and put them on his TV show "What's in the Barn"  on the Velocity channel.


            We arrived there Saturday morning before Easter in April and they immediately rolled out the red carpet for us. From the owners of the museum to the production crew all were absolutely amazing.  We spent about 6 hours at the museum and were able to learn about the mechanics of the engines.  They even were able to kick start some of the motorcycles.


            Due to the rain we were not able to camp out at the museum like we planned so we drove back to Lake Hartwell and stayed at Tommy's family cabin on the lake.  Since we were not home for Easter we were able to do a scout's sunrise service there at the lake.



Back Row Leaders: Tommy McCurley, George Torbert  (left-right):

Back Row Scouts: Cage Currington, Gray Torbert, Cory Rix, Jake Coptsias,  Austin Currington  (left-right):

Front Row Scouts:  Andrew Dingler, Scott Morris, Logan Elliott  (left-right





Scoutmaster Tommy McCurley getting interviewed for the TV show.



(Photos by George Torbert .  Used with permission.)