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Why is there a discrepancy in the dates of Troop 21's anniversaries? 


The 50th and 75th anniversaries were celebrated based on the Troop's continuous charting from 1931.  The reunions before the 50th anniversary and now the 100th anniversary are based on the founding of Troop in June, 1914. 


There was a natural connection between the 1914 Americus scout troop and the 1918 Americus Troop 1 through its members and their brothers, cousins, and sons.  For example, Walter Stapleton was a member of the 1914 troop and a member of the 1918 Americus Troop 1.  Frank Easterlin was a member of the 1914 troop and his son, Frank Easterlin, Jr., was the first Eagle Scout of Troop  1 (later renumber Troop 21).  At the 1948 Anniversary celebration of Troop 21, Henry Lumpkin and Frank Easterlin of the 1914 troop attended as special guests and were referred to as "charter members of the troop."   Thus, Troop 21 began in 1914 and died out a year or so later.  It them was reborn in 1919 and stayed active until about 1923.  It was then rechartered in 1931 and has been continuously charted since that time with only the number changing in 1940. 


In 2014, Troop 21 is 100 years old based upon its initial chartering in 1914 and 83 years old based upon the 1931 date of its continuous chartering.