BSA Troop 21


Troop 21 Summer Camp

at Camp Old Indian

of the Blue Ridge Council in South Carolina

(Scouts from Troop 3 (Albany), Troop 21 (Americus), and Troop 26 (Americus)

jointly attended Camp Old Indian in June, 2013)



Back Row (left to right) Tyler Johnson, Desmane Thomas, Trevor Barajas,

Logan Galvin, Hoyt Gurley, Alex Purdy, Jake Coptsias, Jacob Dillard

Front row (left to right) Collins Giovingo, Jacob Serina, Ben Patton,

Hector Grimaldo, Scott Morris, Cody Cofty, Gray Tolbert


Back Row (left to right) Chandler Diem, Doug Goodin, Dresden Dukes,

Conor Dawkins, Caleb Ukaonu, Nathan Cucina

Front row (left to right)  Nick Fross, Lucas Barajas, Ian Woodcock,

Logan Shook, Chandler Nix, Liam Lower


(Photos by Mike Johnson.  Used with permission.)