BSA Troop 21


Troop 21 Contingent

2010 Eagle Banquet

Honoring the 2009 J. Michael Greene Eagle Class

Held March 4, 2010, at Avalon Methodist Church, Albany



Andrew Carroll (T21 Eagle Scout #193, John Carroll (District Chairman & Troop 21 ASM),

and Tommy McCurley (T21 Eagle Scout #121 and T21 SM)



Paul Sumner, Eric Ginter (Camp Osborn Ranger), Tommy McCurley, and Bruce Smith.



Mike Greene, Clay Chester and ? presenting the Eagle awards.



Coin given to each Eagle Scout in the Class of 2009. 

Each coin has the scout's initials and the year on the reverse.

The coin pictured was presented to J. Michael Greene, the Class Honoree,

who received his Eagle in Chehaw Council in 1974



Mike Greene and Andrew Carroll (T21 Eagle #193)



Clay Chester and Mike Greene who was made a James E. West Fellow



2009 J. Michael Greene Eagle Class

(Not all pictured)

Justin Arnold (Troop 15), Andrew Carroll (Troop 21), Ben Crawford (Troop 27), Jamieson Drew (Troop 873), Ryan Faircloth (Troop 149), Zack Faircloth (Troop 149), Toby Fisher (Troop 62), Ian Jamieson (Troop 24), John Krywicki (Troop 3), Dale Lakey (Troop 100), Michael Lingefelt (Troop 270), Pat Madden (Troop 3), Owens, Caleb (Troop 3), Doug Roseth (Troop 21), John Ruter (Troop 62), James Sheorn (Troop 62), William Smith, III (Troop 62), Richard Taylor (Troop 11), Henry Spruill (Troop 3), Kyle Webb (Troop 321), John Weiner (Troop 3)



(Photos by Kathy Greene. Used by permission.)