BSA Troop 21


Charles Barr (T21 Eagle Scout #172)

Wounded in Iraq



The one with all the tubes is Charles Barr (T21 Eagle Scout #172) who is shown recovering after being wounded while serving in Iraq.  He was shot in the back just above the his protective armor.  The photo was taken at the hospital in Iraq on January 22, 2010.  The soldier on the right is Capt. John Evans.

(Photo used with the express permission of the Barr family)



(Photo used with the express permission The Americus Times-Recorder)


November 25, 2010 Email

Troop 21 Alumni and Other Scouts,


Many people have asked for an update on Charles Barr (Troop 21 Eagle Scout #172) who was shot by a sniper in Iraq this spring.  His father reports that Charles returned back stateside in October.  He is currently home on leave and is deer hunting here in Sumter County over Thanksgiving.  He will return to Fort Stewart, Georgia, until February, 2011, when he will report to Fort Benning, Georgia, for 3 years.  His health is improving and he hopes that the time at Fort Benning will allow his lung to finish the healing process.


Photos from the spring incident are on the Troop 21 website at


Mike Greene