BSA Troop 21



1987 Yorktown Trip

(Thanks to Winston Oxford for these photos)




One of the famous (infamous) but typical Troop 21 adventures.


As we entered Charleston, S.C. on our way to the Patriots Point where the Yorktown is anchored, 3 police cars surrounded my van with pistols drawn.  When I, Winston Oxford, exited the van with my scout uniform on, the officers relaxed.  Seems that Charles Poole had placed a sign in the back of the van saying "Help, I have been kidnapped by Terrorists."  Sumter County Sheriff Randy Howard was in the van behind me and didn't bother to stop and help me out.  He said that he didn't want to "interfere with law enforcement."


Webmaster's (Editor's) Comment:  To the great credit of the scoutmasters and adults they continued the trip. 

I would be in jail for the murder of a scout.