BSA Troop 21


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From the August 2, 1965 Americus Times-Recorder

1965 Troop Trip - Starting at front of bus (and from left to right, first row) Paul White, Luke Flatt, Charles Davis; (second row): Larry Brown, Steve Pace, Jimmy Anderson, Buddy Parrish; (third row) Ricky Waitsman, Lofton Odom, Johnny Knowlton; (fourth row) Mickey Wise, Jimmy Davis, Frank Butler, Gary Morris.  And in the back of the bus is Winston Oxford bouncing off the walls. 

From Winston Oxford:  While on this trip, the troop took a half day hike through the mountains. While we were gone, the bears destroyed our camp.  Milton Davenport and I (Winston Oxford) shared a tent and we tied our Styrofoam ice chest up about 7 feet off of a tree limb. The bear swatted the bottom out of ice chest and got our goodies.